MULHER ELÁSTICA - ME FASHION FITNESS - is 100% proudly made in Brazil. With a solid background and reputation among the activewear industry, we have been perfecting the fit on our products for more than 20 years.

 We focus on technology on our fabrics and on our design, using the seams to value the body’s anatomy as if you wore a second skin in an unique and authentic fashion style. The engineering behind our clothes makes possible for all ages and shapes to look fabulous from gym to work and at a night event as well. 

All our fabric offers extreme comfort and support and our products are designed to move with the body.
Our fabrics draw sweat away from the body which does not make the garment uncomfortable to wear and also means that the body will not use too much energy trying to regulate its temperature.

Our fabrics are super soft to the touch, UVA / UVB protective, breathable, do not stretch or fade and will last you many years.


 We believe that beauty is an expression of the soul. Our obsession with anatomy makes it easier for everyone to exalt this expression while wearing our carefully curated pieces that embrace their anatomic traits. 

 Support and flexibility through features and cutouts complement the body shape and enhance the natural curves. We believe that health and elegance are connected to each other that is why our fitness products transcend trends.